Dr.santhosh Kumar khetan

Research Title of Work and University

M.Phil – Procurement of Rice in Andhra Pradesh-case Study

Ph.D– Procurement and Distribution of Rice in Andhra Pradesh

Details of Survey Conducted by our Students under Supervision of Dr. Khetan Sir

S.No Topic of Survey Year of Survey
01 Child labour and its Impact on Literacy 2006-07
02 Impact on Media on Youth 2007-08
03 Global Recession its Perception and Impact on Career Planning 2008-09
04 A survey Report on need for the separate Statehood Telangana 2009-10
05 Perception on Anti-Corruption Movement in India 2011-12
06 Perception of Crime against Women 2012-13

About :Dr.Santhosh Kumar khetan has worked as principal in this college for 7 years Now working as Academic Co-coordinatorMoto :Attitude loving the profession and students Considers Profession as GOD